All Miss Landers Wants for Christmas is…

No.  No story here.  Just a confessional if you will indulge me. 

      This week was Homecoming Week where I teach.  As you can imagine, the students are banana nuts and too excited to do anything.  So I dutifully kept the little whippersnappers on task and we kept to my pre-organized schedule.  Until today.  Today I decided after homework corrections that we would just chat. 

     The subject was, “What to buy Miss Landers (let’s pretend that’s me) for Christmas.”  And my answer?  Fractional jet ownership.  “What?!”, you say?  This is so bad for the environment.  Just think of the carbon footprint I’d be creating.  But you know what?  Think of the pigalino I no longer have to sit next to on the Greyhound in the sky who didn’t bathe and I get the pleasure of sniffing a mixture of his Aqua Velva and sweat.  Or the nonstop talking realtor lady who can’t wait to visit Orlando and go to Disney World!  Yea!

Imagine checking in to my own plane, with my dog Max, my great  friends (and Ben), and jetting off to wherever, when ever.  Heaven!

I told them I would like either this or a dock built outside my classroom as it faces a lake and then I would like my own little red canoe so I can paddle out to the middle of the lake during my breaks.  Heaven! 

But what did my whippersnappers offer to buy me?  A fire engine.  So they can ride around and blow the horn.  Oh the thrill of it all.  I love my job.  Because where else do people offer to buy you a fire engine just because they love you?

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3 thoughts on “All Miss Landers Wants for Christmas is…

  1. Kathy with a mustache

    I love this!

  2. It could have been worse: They could’ve bought you a hippo!

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