Said the Lion to the Hippo

This is a series of emails that I wrote to my friend Marcus (a Leo) back in 2002.  It ended up being a story about our friendship and the goofy things that I noticed about our personalities. I made myself the hippo because well, I didn’t think “Kathy the Crab/Scorpian” (being a double water sign) would really work.   

So…sit back…please “to enjoy” a cup o’ whatever you drink. And read this children’s (sort of) story.

And there they were; Marcus the Lion and Kathy the Hippo sitting under a tree by the river.  Kathy, of course,
taking up much more shade than Marcus because, after all, she is a Potomas. She sat happily eating a box of
chocolates that Marcus had bought at the Chimp Bazaar in the outskirts of Mombasa.

-See the thing is, said Marcus staring straight ahead to some imaginary spot in the horizon- one of us has to do the thinking in this friendship and it’s gonna have to be me.-

-You may be right.  I can’t decide, said Kathy while staring into the box of delicious delights. 

-You know, there’s a whole side to you missy that nobody’s ever seen.-

-Well how can that be if I’m the size of a small foreign automobile?  And with a curly mop of hair to boot.  It’s
not as though a Hippolina like moi can easily hide, you know.  In short sir, I’m a big chick.-

-OK…so not what I meant.  Pass the chocolates please.-Marcus digs through the empty wrappers for some as
of yet undiscovered piece of sweetness and pops it into his mouth.  While chewing he continues, – No see, wha ah men
was tht yoo dun’t sho yoo hole self.  Man…thith ith goot chocolate. 

Kathy is surprised by the chocolate induced statements and is caught off guard.   How can a Lion see through a Hippo’s
thick skin?  How can a Lion see through the silliness of a Hippo’s jokes and notice what none of the other animals
ever dared to see?  Hmmmm….he has the smarts real good.  I think I’ll have to eat more chocolates with this Lion and
see what else he knows.   

And the story continues to cook….

marcus the lionkathy the hippo

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3 thoughts on “Said the Lion to the Hippo

  1. This is so cute! I have a HUGE (heh) fondness for Hippos after I read the Owen & Mzee story, a few years back. I love hippos! Love the story too.

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait. I am going to add you to my blog roll so I can keep up. Molte Bene!

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