Magic Chocolates – Part 2 of 7 (Said the Lion to the Hippo)

 Part 2 of 7

Just as Kathy began to wonder about her new found friend and how he could know the “Kathy in Kathy” Marcus pulled
out yet another box of chocolates.

-Try these Kathy.  They are truffles and have liquor in them.  The Monkey Man gave them to me as a special gift to
celebrate our friendship.  See what you think of them.

Mmmm…truffles.  How can a round bottomed girl like me resist such a temptation from such an interesting Lion, such as he was.

-I think I will eat two please.  Thank you for my presents.

Kathy slipped them in her mouth and began to suddenly feel a “good feeling.” 

-Wow.  These truffles are amazing!  They’re making me feel kinda’ warm and tingly.  I think I’m gonna dance.

Marcus sat back and grinned as the magic chocolates took hold of Kathy.

 -Show me how you move Kathy. I want to see.

-OK.  And before he could finish his last sentence, Kathy began to stand up and move her rumpus to an imaginary beat.  Suddenly, she was moving her shoulders and swaying her arms like a Hula dancer.  -Ooh.  I feel the music in me.

Have you ever seen a Potamus dancing?  Quite a sight, I can assure you.  

Woooo  Hoooo!  Go Kathy! Go!  Have you ever seen a Hippo shake, rattle, and roll?  Man!  Kathy began to dance to such a frenzy that she forgot herself for a moment and  so moved closer to the waters’ edge. 

– Kathy!  Watch out!, yelled Marcus as he lunged forward to grab Kathy and catch her before she………fell into the water! Splash!  Marcus was drenched as he stood on the riverbank.

-Woooo Marcus!  Come on into the water!  Isn’t it delicious?
-I’m a Lion.  We don’t swim.
-But why?
-Don’t know.  I’m a king.  It’s just not done.
-But you should try it.  You might like it.
-You’re right.  OK.  Here I go!  Splash! 
– Marcus!  I’ve never seen you all wet!  You look so funny furry wet! 
-Yeah but look at you.
-Your curls look like Seaweed.

And the two friends just laughed and splashed around. Kathy did the backstroke and floated around in the middle of the river and let the current drag her along.  Drifting, drifting along.  How yummy.  Marcus slowly learned to maneuver the water and he too began to drift along down the river.  Ah….what fun it is to have such a silly friend.

And the story continues to cook….

marcus the lionkathy the hippo

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One thought on “Magic Chocolates – Part 2 of 7 (Said the Lion to the Hippo)

  1. I bet he DID look funny wet! Ahhhh, to see a Hippo dance. HA.
    So cute, I love this story.

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