Like the Leaves on the Trees and the Touch of the Breeze (part 3 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

This is a series of emails that I wrote to my friend Marcus (a Leo) back in 2002.  It ended up being a story about our friendship and the goofy things that I noticed about our personalities. I made myself the hippo because well, I didn’t think “Kathy the Crab/Scorpian” (being a double water sign) would really work.   

Drifting, drifting along.  Marcus drifted along with the current of the river and soon began to melt into the water.
-Oh my, he thought- How lovely this feels to glide through the water.  Such lightness and peace.

As he lay on the water with half his body on the top and the lower half below, Marcus delighted in the slight tickly feeling the edges of the water produced on the sides of his face.  He closed his eyes and let the touch of the breeze wash over him as he floated to nowhere in particular.  His
ears suddenly heard sounds quite new to a Lion.  Is that the sound of fish?  I can hear them talking I think.  How marvelous this feels.  Is this what the leaf feels as it gently falls from the tree?  Slowly, calmly, and gently Marcus began to fall asleep and let the river take him to where he needed to go.

What seemed like hours later, Marcus found himself bumping softly like a balloon in the wind against something cushy. He sensed that what was once bright sunshine turned grey and dark.  He opened his eyes to see Kathy smiling down at him with a twinkle in her big brown Hippo eyes. 

-Hey you, she “whisper giggled” and smiled.
-Hey you back.  What’s that sound I hear?
-It’s a carnival over there beyond the trees.  I think we should go.  Don’t you?
-Sounds like a plan to me. 

So our two friends climbed the riverbank and shook themselves dry.  And with that, they headed off in the direction of the carnival music and for a new adventure and fun.

And the story continues to cook…


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2 thoughts on “Like the Leaves on the Trees and the Touch of the Breeze (part 3 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

  1. Ahhhh, a nice refreshing ride in the current. I can feel the buoyancy of it. I love the water. And to land near a carnival? Woo-hoo!

    • Ain’t it just grand though? And after the crazy candy induced day I just had with my 7th graders I feel like going and literally jumping in the lake! 🙂 I love the little rascals but today they were just bonkers.

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