Miss Landers, Who is Michael Jackson?

Ah youth.  That sweet time in life when you know nothing and everything all at once.

I teach 7th grade Spanish.  Love it actually.  And today, as is my custom, I went to a certain place which shall remain a secret (Panera) and bought my skim Chai Latte.  As I waited for my Friday morning treat; there to my right was a very round lady dressed in a Zorro outfit.  No, she really was!  And at first I thought, “Oh my god lady!  Didn’t anybody tell you the truth before you left the house?!  You look like a fat Zorro!”  And I realized, crap…she means to be a fat Zorro.  Why?  Why not an apple?  Or a pumpkin?  A graf zeppelin?  Anything that works with her naturally outward bound curves. I wonder if she is a fellow teacher.  We do things like this you know.  Why once, I was stupidly convinced to wear one of my cheerleader’s outfits during homecoming when I taught high school.  I don’t even want to know what went through the boys’ heads (oh look what I just wrote -hee! hee!) Who knew how short those skirts are?

So anyway, I sip my creamy spicy delight -wake up and remember that it’s Halloween tomorrow and she’s probably dressed up like her students.  We do crap like that you know?

Somehow this made me think of Michael Jackson’s Thriller (really I can’t even tell you how I made the connection- just go with it)  and in class I asked about it and to my horror there were students who had not seen it.  Sacre bleu!

I told them that we could watch it in its’ entirety on the Smartboard after the quiz.  Below are just some of the comments I caught while they were watching it.

  “Please to enjoy.”

1.  “How does he move like that?  It’s almost like he doesn’t have bones.”

2.  “He must have strong calves because he’s always on his tippy toes.”

3.  “I’ve never seen this video.”

4.  “Miss Landers, were people scared when they saw this video back then?”

5. “It’s kind of like a movie.”

6. “Can you MOVE your BIG head?”

7. “Can we dance?”

8.  ” Why is she just standing there?”

9.  “He looks like a cat.”

10.  Kid #1 – “Why does she run into the only abandoned house on the block?”     Kid #2 – Because people were dumb like that back then.”     Kid #3 – No, it’s an homage to horror films of the 50s (he really said this- a 7th grader)

And then the bell rang and off they went to get ready for Halloween tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Miss Landers, Who is Michael Jackson?

  1. Oh man!!! That was a trip down memory lane 🙂

    I can’t believe all the kids’ comments. Jeez, I feel old. Thriller is a classic. I’ll never forget how exciting that was. One for the times! I sure enjoyed watching it again.

  2. Old and a half. I just had a beer my dad left here when he was visiting with mom. And I rarely drink. But I feel good. I knew that I would da da da da da!

  3. I am *still* at work! Uggg. A nice glass or red wine or a beer sounds WONDERFUL!!

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