You Spin Me Right Round Baby Like a Record Baby…. (Part 4 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

This is a series of emails that I wrote to my friend Marcus (a Leo) back in 2002.  It ended up being a story about our friendship and the goofy things that I noticed about our personalities. I made myself the hippo because well, I didn’t think “Kathy the Crab/Scorpian” (being a double water sign) would really work.   



The sounds of the carnival grew louder and louder as Marcus the Lion and Kathy the Hippo approached.  All around many animals came to play, laugh, and ride the scary rides. Of course, one cannot be at a carnival and not eat greasy, gooey carnival food.  Oh boy! 

Marcus was so excited to see the lights and hear the music that he ran ahead of Kathy screaming, “We have to play the games!  We have to play the games!”  Kathy, however, having the athletic prowess of a German Zeppelin, decided to be Marcus’ cheerleader instead.

First game:  Ball toss. 

-See, I played Baseball when I was a cub.  Nobody could beat me.  And anyway, I am the king.  (Aside:Huh! I’m all shook up!)

Marcus picked up the first ball and Kathy steadied herself to scream “hooray!” but in her excitement she screamed and jumped up and down before Marcus had a chance to throw and this threw off his concentration and, Oh no!  He missed!  Oops!  Kathy felt terribly bad about this but Marcus didn’t get angry.  He just stood there for a second, stared at her, smiled and raised an eyebrow. – Want to try that again missy?” 

-Sorry Marcus.  I got a little carried away.

Second try.  Wham!  Perfect Pitch!  Third try.  Wham!  Perfect pitch!  Fourth try.  Wham! Perfect pitch!  The surrounding zebras went wild and cheered Marcus on.  Kathy was dancing and spinning and jumping up and down with delight! 

The carnie, an old cheetah named Jambo, stepped up and handed Marcus his prize: a free ticket for all the food and drink he could stand to last the whole day. -Here you go Marcus.  That’s some fine throwing there.  Nobody’s ever done that before.

-Or ever will again.
-I imagine not.
-“Food! Glorious food!”, yelled Kathy who was standing behind Marcus and anticipating the delectable junk feast awaiting the two of them. “What should we eat first?”

– Don’t know.  Hey, you want to go on some rides first?
-Good idea.  The better to avoid unecessary “pukation.”
-“Pukation?”  Is that a word?
-If I said it then it is.
-Yes ma’am Miss Kathy, chortled Marcus.
-OK.  What ride to go on first?  What about the spinning tops?
-Spinning tops it is.

Kathy, actually petrified of scary rides, bravely jumped into the top and Marcus happily joined her.  Spinning, spinning, spinning, and faster, faster, faster, turning,turning, and oh my goodness more turning!
(That’s Kathy screaming her head off).
Marcus loved the ride either way.

The ride slowed down and Kathy stumbled off the top while Marcus quietly got down and picked up a very green Hippo who continued to spin around as she stood there.

-Kathy are you alright?
-Yeah, I think so.  Marcus, how come the ground is spinning?
-Uh…maybe we should go get you some soda.
-I’m feelin’ kinda woozy.  OK

So off Marcus goes to the soda tent with Kathy to get her a Coke for her sensitive little stomach.  And hey!  What are friends for?

And the story continues to cook….


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3 thoughts on “You Spin Me Right Round Baby Like a Record Baby…. (Part 4 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

  1. A green hippo that’s something! Marcus has quite an arm on him. I think Jambo might have a side story in his future. 😉

    • You know it’s funny but I had forgotten how quirky Marcus’ and my personalities are until I’ve been posting this story. I am forever fascinated by the uniqueness of everybody. I think it makes life so much fun (even on the yucky days) 🙂

  2. I soooooo agree with you there! I love everyone’s differences.

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