I Celebrate the “Me” Yet to Come- (Part 5 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

This is a series of emails that I wrote to my friend Marcus (a Leo) back in 2002.  It ended up being a story about our friendship and the goofy things that I noticed about our personalities. I made myself the hippo because well, I didn’t think “Kathy the Crab/Scorpian” (being a double water sign) would really work.   


singing hippo

Marcus, being a good friend, took Kathy to the soda tent to buy her a Coke.  Placing her gently in a chair, our kindly king Lion went off to do his gentlemanly duty.  Upon returning, however, Marcus found his little (but really big) Kathy crying quietly by herself. 

-What’s wrong “you”?

-I’m sorry Marcus.  But I’m so sick to my stomach and I can’t see straight.  I just wanted you to be proud of me and see me go on a scary ride but I don’t like them.  And now, you won’t want to be my friend anymore.

-Why wouldn’t I want to be?  You’re not making any sense Kathy.

-I know.  It’s ‘cause I’m dizzy.

-Listen, I know there’s plenty you can do.  Come on, dry your eyes, drink your Coke, and let’s walk around the carnival a little bit.

-OK, sniffled Kathy.

And with that our two friends walked around and “animal watched” for awhile until Kathy felt sure of herself again. What a strange and wondrous sight it is to see so many different kinds of animals.  Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, even some with chicken pox! (Armor Hot Dogs-sorry-couldn’t resist.)  A little further along, they came upon a contest- a singing contest!

-Hey!  Kathy you can sing!  You should enter this contest!
-No way!  I can’t do that Marcus.  I haven’t practiced and my voice is weak and I haven’t been on stage in so long.
-Oh yes you can and yes you will.  Move it missy.  I’m going to prove yourself to you.

Downstage was the carnie in charge of the contest; a sly fat looking bloke named Mortimer. 
-Did I hear you say the little lady can sing?

-Why yes sir she can!  The best you ever heard!
-Marcus, you’ve never heard me sing, whispered Kathy.
-Yes I know.  Get up there.
-Yes sir.
-What  would you like to sing ma’am?, asked the conductor
-Do you know “The Body Electric?”
-Why yes.  The band loves that song.

Suddenly, the lights rose and there was Kathy up on the stage and suddenly she remembered the feel of the light heat on her skin and began to sing to the dark space that was the audience.  It’s a funny thing to be onstage and not see the crowd.  A big sometimes moving blob that breathes and sometimes coughs.  Odd.  But magical all the same.

-I sing the body electric.  I celebrate the me yet to come…..I toast to my own reunion…when I become one with the SUN……….Kathy poured herself into the sounds of the words and wandered through the warmth of the music. 

She finished her song and the crowd went bananas!  Monkeys were flipping!   Cheetahs were spinning! Rhinos were rhinoing!  An amazing sight to see, you see.

Soon after, a few other animals stepped up to the microphone and gave their best performances too.   
-And the winner of the 45th Annual Carnival Singing Contest is……..Kathy Potomas!  Kathy won!  Kathy won!  (The writer is no fool here). Marcus whooped and hollered and stomped his feet.
-I’m so proud of you Kathy!

-Thank you. I guess they liked it, she giggled.  –Can we please eat now?
-Yes missy.  We may. 

In search of food and yet more adventure, off go our two little friends.

And the story continues to cook… 

scary lion

PS  -The inspiration for Kathy Hippo’s song is from the film Fame – I sing the Body Electric (Poem by Walt Whitman).  I was a drama/chorus geek in school and couldn’t wait to jump onto any stage.   Gee…big surprise huh?


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5 thoughts on “I Celebrate the “Me” Yet to Come- (Part 5 of 7 of Said the Lion to the Hippo)

  1. That Hippo can suh-ing! I don’t know that song. Hmm, might have to look it up. 🙂

  2. Ciao Angelia, come stai?

    I just saw you comment about the song and went and posted the video on the blog post from the movie Fame. It has the song Body Electric. I modeled Kathy Hippo singing lon the stage like the girl in the video. “Please to enjoy.”

    Chi vediamo 🙂

  3. blissbait

    a big congrats to
    kathy-potomas! well done!
    cheers cheers and hurrah!

    That’s a very sweet story and Lord have mercy….that ‘Fame’ clip took me back! Thanks for coming to my place to visit. Your site is lovely!

    Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by blissbait and I’m glad you like the story. And yes, the Fame clip has been so much fun to watch again. I feel like a kid again. Which is always a good thing I think.

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