Miss Landers, Why are you crying? (All Saints’ Day and Ft. Hood)

As I wrote in a previous post, I teach 7th grade Spanish.  Today we celebrated All Saints’ Day Chapel at school.  Here the names of family, friends, and co-workers are remembered and honored.  It was a beautiful service; with a feeling of warmth rather than somber gloom in the air.  Wonderful.  Some of my 7th grade girls are in the middle school choir and came to me about a month ago to let me know how nervous they were about singing For the Beauty of the Earth.  They knew that I was a singer just like them and had sung the song years before in school.  They really just wanted moral support.  They were soooo cute just standing there with me in the Grille (the cafeteria) clucking like nervous little chickens.  One student thrust the sheet music in my face and we worked on site reading so she could harmonize properly.  It was fun to work with them.  And today, during their performance, I was so proud of my girls and how gorgeous their singing sounded.  They weren’t little girls standing on the risers in front of the entire school anymore.  They sounded like angels. Truly it brought tears to my eyes and I kept having to wipe my eyes because I was afraid that my make-up was running down my face.  After the service I told them they really moved me, we hugged and laughed and off I went to teach and they to learn.  Later that afternoon at the gym I looked up at the tv and saw the shooting at Ft. Hood.  And I started to cry.  What happened?  Why?  All my happy childhood memories of living on base at Ft. Ord in California came rushing forward.  Somebody has lost a child, a friend, and a lover.  Such a juxtaposition of tears.  First happy and then sad.

My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of all the soldiers.

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2 thoughts on “Miss Landers, Why are you crying? (All Saints’ Day and Ft. Hood)

  1. That was truly a truly beautiful video to watch and hear. I can imagine your tears of praise for your girls and your tears of sorrow for those lost.

    My father was based at Fort Hood for many years. It is such a heart rendering loss, but as always, I will praise him in this storm. I will watch how lives are changed for his glory.

    We will prevail, stronger, prouder and wiser.

    God Bless You, sweet girl of this earth.

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