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Hola everybody!

I’m in the middle of working on two story ideas so that’s why I haven’t posted anything new yet.  I hope you will like them very much.

In the meantime “please to enjoy” the following new video from Shakira.  Who hasn’t had a love relationship like this song?  🙂

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Miss Landers, How Old Are You?

 So….I’m sittin’ in my 3rd period –we’re in the lab today and my students are always joking that “Jane Apple“*  and “Mark Orange” *should get married because they’ve known each other for EVER and are always bickering (like an old married couple).  We all laugh and giggle about this ‘cause, you know….. it’s funny.

And then I say, “Well my sister Yvette and her husband Mark met in 9th grade at Hannah Banana High School*and they’re still happily married to this day.”

Suddenly, from the back of the Language Lab Coconut*  asks, “How old is your sister?”  I am thinking out loud…”Hmm…I’m 45 so she is 41!” 

To which Coconut responds, “Really?  You’re 45?  Gee, you only look like you’re 40!” 

Yep.  That Oil of Olay Youth Crème is really WORKIN’ for me, huh?   Ha! Ha! Ha!

*Coconut (That’s my nickname for this student because of his perfectly round head)

*Names have been changed






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