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Part 4 of- Baby Blue

No longer interested in playing with other girls; Todd grew to love and cherish his time with Nina. The months spent together peeled off the calendar and turned into years. Never said by either but always understood would be the moment when it was time to say goodbye and move off to college as he was a year older than his precious little fighter.  Time to graduate.  It was tearful and filled with heartfelt promises of forever love.  But even the best laid plans of keeping in contact faded with the reality of distance and time spent apart. There were no hard feelings.  They were growing up and moving on each of them.  And nothing would ever change the memories of the sweetness of their young devotion to each other.

Nina grew to be a happy and free wandering young woman with the ever-present Wendy always by her side.  BFFs since the fourth grade. Ever since Wendy convinced Nina to tie poor Sam up with a jump rope to the Jungle Gym to keep him from following her around the playground like a lost puppy.  The girls were marched to the principal’s office and forced to apologize to Sam.  Nina was sorry too.  But she couldn’t let her best friend down and besides Sam really was a pest and everybody knew it. Yes.  Wendy was the friend who would be there for my mother during the happiest and the most painful and difficult moments to come.

Summer,  however, belonged to the girls alone. To running on the beach and diving in the ocean at Daytona.  And dancing.  The Ocean Deck was a bar on the beachside of A1A. No, there would be no lovers for Nina. No time and no interest.  Just university.  Studying.  Working at the school bookstore for extra cash.  And dancing.  Not just any dancing.  But reggae dancing on the tiniest dance floor ever seen and laughing with cute bright boys from faraway places like Boston and Portland.  Nothing ever came of these encounters but Nina and Wendy owned the Ocean Deck dance floor.  The bartenders knew the girls and gave them sodas with a smile and the hope of something more in the future.

The goal was as simple as getting to the middle of the floor to sway and bounce under the lights and laugh and play and live life as alive and fresh and sweat filled as two girls could.   The night always ended with a run toward the surf at two in the morning.   Saturday afternoon volleyball games under the sun on the beach outside the bar never failed to spark new friendships with other like-minded college kids.  It was fun and carefree.

Working at the bookstore opened Nina’s eyes to a wide world full of wonder and awe and I loved to watch as she walked down the aisles of books in the morning before the store opened and lightly touched the books that interested her.  History.  Psychology. Politics.  There was so much to learn and Nina wanted to learn it all.  Wendy and Nina ate lunch in the commons and talked about what to major in and where they would live after college.  How fast time flies when suddenly the girl becomes the woman.

Story to be continued…..

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Bright Light Award

When I started this blog in late October of last year; who knew what amazing people I would meet along the way?  I never knew how many blessings would pour out on me from all over the world.  Ain’t it cool?    Well, I have just been nominated for the Bright Light Award. 

But….what’s the Bright Light Award HurleyBurleyGirl? 

 Well I’m glad you asked my friend!   Pull up a chair, drink your favorite drink, and let me tell you my tale.  An amazing  poet named Yousei Hime received this blessing  ( a faerie gift- oh my!) -then tapped me for this special award and now it is my turn to pass the torch to someone very special who has inspired me.    The lady is passion online!  She is funny and sweet and good all at one time.  My sister in spirit and a true ragazza for sure.  I cannot imagine anyone less deserving for this blessing!







Now gifts from the Fay are not without price.  Here are her rules:

1. You must share the gift with at least one other special, inspiring person, one who brings you friendship and joy through what they share.  Choose carefully and in your own time, even if you decide to return it to the giver.

2. To recreate her spell, include the Bright Light Award picture and the name of your nominee(s) on your post, including the linking runes.  Remember, names anchor the power of magic.

3. The spell completes when you whisper these words to those you are gifting, “Come hither and see what I have for thee.”

And so I step into the fairy ring and announce my choice: Angelia Sims of  Living, Loving, Laughing

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Part 3 of – Baby Blue

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams…. awake. “ 

 Ralph Waldo Emerson


Todd is watching Nina who is watching the little boy giggle.  He is thinking about all the other girls before her and why he wasted so much time with them.  So many girls.  So many names.  But I can’t remember anyone with a smile like Nina’s.  I wonder if she will ever smile at me that way.

 Nina, do you want to split a hot fudge sundae with me?

Oof!  I’m so full.  But I can’t resist.  Sure Todd.  Thank you for offering.


They are smiling and Todd feels comfortable enough to put his hand on Nina’s hand.

I can feel my mother blushing inside.  She doesn’t know what to do. 

After the date Todd takes Nina home and she sweetly kisses him and thanks him for a fun night together.  And true to his word, Todd never behaved like less than a gentleman.  He was, in fact, quite proud of himself.

Up the stairs and to the left is Nina’s bedroom.  At the end of the long hallway is the bathroom.  Time to take off make-up, brush teeth, and get ready for a good night’s dream.

Nina lies awake for awhile and thinks about the night.  She didn’t expect to like him so much. Todd. Todd Odom.  Drifting to sleep…..

There are trees all around. Bright green grass.  And sunshine.  The feeling of pure love and joy permeates the air and all around is a clear blue sky.  Heaven.

My mother can hear me laughing.  My little boy laugh.  I am giggling and running around the trees and she is chasing me.  Come here you!  No!!!! I am laughing and running.  My mother catches up to me and sweeps me up into her arms and covers me with kisses on my cheeks and the top of my head.  I love to cuddle and hug her neck.  

It’s time to sing my baby.

Our song mommy?

Yes my baby.  Our song.

Are you ready?


 Ok. One, two, three…You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray.  You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.  Please don’t take my sunshine away….

We sing and mommy dances with me and we twirl around in the forest and bright green grass.  All night my mother and I run and laugh and play together.  It is our time together when we are united and she can see me and I can touch her and kiss her cheeks. 

Until it is time for a new day. But mommy won’t remember the dreams until I am born.

Nina wakes up and it is Saturday morning.  Time to call Wendy and tell her about last night’s date with baseball player Todd.  

Story to be continued…..

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Part 2 of – Baby Blue

Nina, do you like that guy in our Humanities class? 

Which one?

The one who sits across from you in the first seat.

What’s his name again?

Todd. Todd Odom.  He’s that baseball player that got caught drinking in the dugout last Saturday night.

Gross.  Really?  Why would I like him? 

I don’t know.  Do you think he’s cute?

Yeah but I don’t drink.  You know that. 

Yeah but I was just wondering.

Wondering what?

If you might like him.


Ok.  You can’t get mad at me but he stopped me by my locker after second period and told me to give you this note.  Don’t get mad at me.

Well?  Where is it?

I thought you didn’t like him?

Wendy just give me the damn note.

Giggling, Wendy passed the note over to Nina.  Quietly, she read the note given to her by the boozed up on a Saturday night baseball player.

Hi Nina,

I know you don’t know me but I really want to go out with you sometime.  Would that be alright with you?  Circle  yes or no

Well, he has a way with words doesn’t he Wendy? 

Oh come on Nina. He’s so freakin’ cute!

That he is.  Ok.  I’ll circle yes.

Saturday night arrived none too fast as Nina endured shy blue eyed stares the entire week from Todd across the classroom while Mrs. Wiley lectured from the moment the bell rang for the start of class until it rang to leave for the next period. 

Todd showed up at the house in a 1979 brown Pontiac Trans Am.  This car would be the very reason many girls ended up in the dugout with Todd. Although, Nina had no interest in cars and couldn’t understand why any girl could care about a hunk of metal on wheels.  Whatever.   Todd sensed this about her and for the first time did something completely against his nature.  There would be no sloe gin fizz tonight.  No visit to the dugout.  No begging to show how much he “needed” Nina’s love.  Tonight, Todd would be the gentleman his grandmother raised him to be. 

At the appointed time of 7:30, Todd arrived with slick back hair to properly meet Mr. and Mrs. Santander.  Knocking on the door Todd found that his hands were shaking from nerves.  Mrs. Santander opened with a bright smile and welcomed Todd with a hug and a “come on in and sit down!”  Nina will be right down.   Can I get you anything to drink?

No, thank you ma’am. 

Just then Mr. Santander walked in from the garage and through the kitchen to say hello to Todd.  Sticking out his hand to see if Todd knew how to shake hands, Mr. Santander was sufficiently pleased that Todd stood up, looked him in the eyes, and shook hands like a man. 

So, you’re taking my Nina out tonight.

Yes, sir.

What are you planning to do?

I was going to take Nina to Farrell’s sir.

Ice cream?

Well for burgers first and then ice cream.

I like it.  Good idea.

Thank you sir.

Just then Nina came down the stairs beaming at Todd.  My god he is so cute.  Why are the bad boys always so gorgeous she thought to herself.

Todd was on his best behavior as he opened Nina’s car door and let her in.  I slipped in the back seat and watched as Todd did his best to not reach over and grab Nina.  He did want to so very badly. 

All the way to the restaurant Nina and Todd talked about school and the latest gossip about who got caught skipping across the street at Kappy’s and who started smoking in between classes by the track.  It was allowed back then.  All you needed was a note from home saying it was alright and you could bring your own pack of cigarettes to school. 

At Farrell’s Nina got very quiet as she looked over at the family in the next booth.  She wondered what her life will be like when she is grown.  Just then a little boy in his high chair smiled a big cheesy grin at her and she laughed. She is thinking about me.  About what I will look like when I am born. Will I have her eyes or my father’s? Will my hair be  blonde with curls or straight?  Or will I have brown wavy hair like my mother?  Will I be shy or cause a ruckus at the drop of a hat? 

I don’t care.  I will love my little boy.  And he will love me.

I am sitting next to Todd in the booth. I can hear what she is thinking and I smile.

Story to be continued…….

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Tomorrow May Rain, So I’ll Follow the Sun…

The sun is shining on the cool and beautiful lake this morning outside my classroom. 

The chill in the air feels wonderful as I breathe it in. 

Lucky me.

I truly am a lucky little girl. 



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