Part 2 of – Baby Blue

Nina, do you like that guy in our Humanities class? 

Which one?

The one who sits across from you in the first seat.

What’s his name again?

Todd. Todd Odom.  He’s that baseball player that got caught drinking in the dugout last Saturday night.

Gross.  Really?  Why would I like him? 

I don’t know.  Do you think he’s cute?

Yeah but I don’t drink.  You know that. 

Yeah but I was just wondering.

Wondering what?

If you might like him.


Ok.  You can’t get mad at me but he stopped me by my locker after second period and told me to give you this note.  Don’t get mad at me.

Well?  Where is it?

I thought you didn’t like him?

Wendy just give me the damn note.

Giggling, Wendy passed the note over to Nina.  Quietly, she read the note given to her by the boozed up on a Saturday night baseball player.

Hi Nina,

I know you don’t know me but I really want to go out with you sometime.  Would that be alright with you?  Circle  yes or no

Well, he has a way with words doesn’t he Wendy? 

Oh come on Nina. He’s so freakin’ cute!

That he is.  Ok.  I’ll circle yes.

Saturday night arrived none too fast as Nina endured shy blue eyed stares the entire week from Todd across the classroom while Mrs. Wiley lectured from the moment the bell rang for the start of class until it rang to leave for the next period. 

Todd showed up at the house in a 1979 brown Pontiac Trans Am.  This car would be the very reason many girls ended up in the dugout with Todd. Although, Nina had no interest in cars and couldn’t understand why any girl could care about a hunk of metal on wheels.  Whatever.   Todd sensed this about her and for the first time did something completely against his nature.  There would be no sloe gin fizz tonight.  No visit to the dugout.  No begging to show how much he “needed” Nina’s love.  Tonight, Todd would be the gentleman his grandmother raised him to be. 

At the appointed time of 7:30, Todd arrived with slick back hair to properly meet Mr. and Mrs. Santander.  Knocking on the door Todd found that his hands were shaking from nerves.  Mrs. Santander opened with a bright smile and welcomed Todd with a hug and a “come on in and sit down!”  Nina will be right down.   Can I get you anything to drink?

No, thank you ma’am. 

Just then Mr. Santander walked in from the garage and through the kitchen to say hello to Todd.  Sticking out his hand to see if Todd knew how to shake hands, Mr. Santander was sufficiently pleased that Todd stood up, looked him in the eyes, and shook hands like a man. 

So, you’re taking my Nina out tonight.

Yes, sir.

What are you planning to do?

I was going to take Nina to Farrell’s sir.

Ice cream?

Well for burgers first and then ice cream.

I like it.  Good idea.

Thank you sir.

Just then Nina came down the stairs beaming at Todd.  My god he is so cute.  Why are the bad boys always so gorgeous she thought to herself.

Todd was on his best behavior as he opened Nina’s car door and let her in.  I slipped in the back seat and watched as Todd did his best to not reach over and grab Nina.  He did want to so very badly. 

All the way to the restaurant Nina and Todd talked about school and the latest gossip about who got caught skipping across the street at Kappy’s and who started smoking in between classes by the track.  It was allowed back then.  All you needed was a note from home saying it was alright and you could bring your own pack of cigarettes to school. 

At Farrell’s Nina got very quiet as she looked over at the family in the next booth.  She wondered what her life will be like when she is grown.  Just then a little boy in his high chair smiled a big cheesy grin at her and she laughed. She is thinking about me.  About what I will look like when I am born. Will I have her eyes or my father’s? Will my hair be  blonde with curls or straight?  Or will I have brown wavy hair like my mother?  Will I be shy or cause a ruckus at the drop of a hat? 

I don’t care.  I will love my little boy.  And he will love me.

I am sitting next to Todd in the booth. I can hear what she is thinking and I smile.

Story to be continued…….

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  1. For moi? Why thank you! 🙂 You are so kind mafiashark.

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