Bright Light Award

When I started this blog in late October of last year; who knew what amazing people I would meet along the way?  I never knew how many blessings would pour out on me from all over the world.  Ain’t it cool?    Well, I have just been nominated for the Bright Light Award. 

But….what’s the Bright Light Award HurleyBurleyGirl? 

 Well I’m glad you asked my friend!   Pull up a chair, drink your favorite drink, and let me tell you my tale.  An amazing  poet named Yousei Hime received this blessing  ( a faerie gift- oh my!) -then tapped me for this special award and now it is my turn to pass the torch to someone very special who has inspired me.    The lady is passion online!  She is funny and sweet and good all at one time.  My sister in spirit and a true ragazza for sure.  I cannot imagine anyone less deserving for this blessing!







Now gifts from the Fay are not without price.  Here are her rules:

1. You must share the gift with at least one other special, inspiring person, one who brings you friendship and joy through what they share.  Choose carefully and in your own time, even if you decide to return it to the giver.

2. To recreate her spell, include the Bright Light Award picture and the name of your nominee(s) on your post, including the linking runes.  Remember, names anchor the power of magic.

3. The spell completes when you whisper these words to those you are gifting, “Come hither and see what I have for thee.”

And so I step into the fairy ring and announce my choice: Angelia Sims of  Living, Loving, Laughing

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5 thoughts on “Bright Light Award

  1. Thank you for passing along my award! It is fun, passing awards around, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. My sister in spirit. How very, very true. I admire you. I love your storytelling. I love your bright, bouncy soul.

    I can not even begin to describe the honor you have bestowed on me with this award. I am deeply touched. You are so very dear to me.

    My all the bright light be returned to you ten fold. You deserve it.

    Cheers and Namaste la mia amica.


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