Part 6 of – Baby Blue

Nina, who are you?  I like to dance like this with you.  I like you very much already.  David was surprised by the way he felt when he held her in his arms.  I don’t know you.   I wonder what your kiss is like?

Nina, would you like to come out and dance with me again sometime?

I would like that.

I’m glad. I was just wondering…


I was wondering if you would like to do something together on Sunday.

So soon?  Aren’t you going to get tired of me?  We’ve only just met you know.

Yes but I’m having so much fun.  I’d like to spend time with you and “learn you.”

“Learn me.”  That’s an interesting phrase.  I like it. Well, what did you have in mind?

Well, first we could go to lunch downtown.  I know a great bookstore with a deli next door and then we can walk around Lake Eola and Thornton Park and maybe wander around the farmer’s market.

I’d like that.  Ok David.  You have a date.

Yea! I’ll pick you up at 11:30.  How’s that sound?

Yea? Yea?  Nina giggled.  Did you just say yea?

Yea!  I did! Yea!  David could not contain his smile and laughed and to his surprise he lightly kissed Nina on the cheek.

Nina smiled and leaned a little closer as they danced on the retirement home cafeteria dance floor under the old disco ball that was put in place to reflect a more romantic ambiance.  When the lights were turned low, the residents danced together and remembered the fun and lightness of their younger days.

David dropped Nina off at her apartment and gave her a gentle kiss and a hug.  He didn’t dare enter because he knew himself well enough to know he would no longer be a gentleman and he did so want to keep Nina happy and show her respect and honor her.

Thank you for a unique and fun and wonderful evening David.  I’m looking forward to Sunday.

And to you Nina.  Good night.

Nina undressed and thought about the day’s events: the new job, the shoe heel that would break and cause her to meet David.  The stories Silvia and Arnie told of their young love and how special it is to grow old together.  The dancing.  David’s light yet firm touch on the small of her back.  His assurance on the dance floor as he led her through each dance move with grace and strength.  Nina had never known what it was to properly dance with a man until tonight.  Falling asleep Nina thought about David’s eyes….

I’m laughing and running around the trees.  Mommy sees me and runs to me.

Hello my baby! 

Mommy! Mommy! Guess what?

What is it my love?

Daddy! Daddy! You met Daddy tonight!

Daddy?  I did?  How wonderful!  I am so happy. 

Me too Mommy!  I want to hurry up and be born so I can play with you and Daddy!

And sing too?

Yea!  And sing! Yea!

Mommy and I are cuddling under a tree and she tells me a story about a monkey and a bird and their funny friendship.  I love to hear her voice and touch her hair and bury my face in her neck.  I can smell her warmth and think how wonderful it will be to be born. 


Yes my baby?

Do you think Daddy knows about me?

I don’t know my baby.  But maybe soon he will see you in his dreams too and you can play with him.

Yea! I like that!  I giggle and Mommy tickles me. 

OK.  Time to sing our song.  Are you ready?

Yes Mommy!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey.  You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.  Please don’t take my sunshine away…..


It is Saturday morning and my mother wakes up.  I sit on the chair next to the window and watch as she wakes up and can feel how happy she is to know she is going to see David tomorrow.  My mother does not remember our play time last night in her dreams.  But I do.  I watch happily as she gets up and she is smiling as she brushes her teeth, gets ready for the day and goes about cleaning the apartment, doing the laundry, buying groceries.  Nothing exciting but I follow behind to see what things she is doing before I am born.

I wonder if David is thinking about me?  Good Lord I think I’ve lost my mind.  I’m already missing a man I’ve only just met.

Nina walks in the door and sees a message from David.  She decides to call back immediately because she cannot wait and wants to hear his voice.

The phone rings twice before David picks up.

Hi David.  It’s Nina.  I’ve just come home from errands and just got your message.

Nina.  I’m so glad to talk to you.  How are you?

Fine thank you.  Thank you again for last night.  I really had fun with you and Silvia and Arnie.

I knew you would have fun.  I could just tell.

Two and a half hours later of conversation and laughter it was decided that they would indeed have to continue their chatter on Sunday.

Story to be continued…..

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4 thoughts on “Part 6 of – Baby Blue

  1. I love the dream playing with her son. It’s so innocent and beautiful. Great story!! Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. Ciao Amica!

    Happily, I am doing very, very, very, very well. 🙂

    And, I have been very, very, very, very, busy with family and haven’t had a moment to sit in a quiet place and write some more and I don’t want to write ca-ca.

    I am hoping to have a moment next week after everything calms down a bit and I have some quiet time.

    Sorry about the break in the story. So not like me!

  3. blissbait

    Hey there! My word, You have an amazing knack for romance. This is so sweet. And You write and write and write…..You’re an inspiration. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

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