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Dance with Me! It’s my Birthday Today!


July 20th, 1964. 

The year of the Beatles. 

Ford Mustangs. 

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown for the first time on TV.  (I still watch it every year.  What?  I really do!)

Gilligan’s Island premiered. 

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is published.

And ….ta dah!!!! Moi was born. 🙂 

I am a lucky 46 years old today.

So what are you doing just sitting there Silly?  Dance with me!


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Can You Hear It? (The Beauty in the Sound of a Word)

Practice. –I’ve always loved this word.  The cracking sound  “pr-ACK” – like the sound of a lion tamer’s whip.  

Una tarde en Madrid  después de mi clase de Quixote, yo andaba por la calle Castellana cuando un mendigo se acercó a mi y me preguntó si tenía algunas Pesetas porque tenía hambre….

One afternoon in Madrid after my class on Quixote, I was walking along Castellana Street when a beggar approached me and asked me if I had any pesetas because he was hungry. … (It was 1987- no Euros yet)

Amo parlare italiano perché mi ricorda del calore di Siena, mangiando il gelato e la gente che guardano nel Piazza del Campo (Il Campo). Non ci è altro posto su terra dove una può  tenere la sensazione di essere così viva….

I love  speaking Italian because it reminds me of the warmth of Siena; eating ice cream and people watching in the Piazza del Campo.  There is no other place on Earth where one can feel so alive….
The comparison between the singing sounds of Spanish and Italian and the rise and fall of English has always intrigued me.  The former languages feel so warm and passionate and the latter sounds strong and lyrical.
…………………………………………………………..Other words?  Other sounds? 
Last weekend ended with the sounds of rain and wind outside the hotel.  Inside the warmth of an overstuffed bed and fluffy pillows strewn about the floor. Freedom.  To dream. To sleep. 


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