Dance with Me! It’s my Birthday Today!


July 20th, 1964. 

The year of the Beatles. 

Ford Mustangs. 

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown for the first time on TV.  (I still watch it every year.  What?  I really do!)

Gilligan’s Island premiered. 

 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is published.

And ….ta dah!!!! Moi was born. 🙂 

I am a lucky 46 years old today.

So what are you doing just sitting there Silly?  Dance with me!


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4 thoughts on “Dance with Me! It’s my Birthday Today!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh my goodness! I am dancing. I am twirling and spinning! You look beautiful dah-link!


  2. Woo! Hoo! Gracias!

    I feel great! I can do anything good! I like my hair! I like my curls! I like my friends! I like my boyfriend! I like my dog! I like my boyfriend’s dog too! I like the chocolate strawberries my sister sent me! I like anything! I like my whole hoooouse! My whole is great! Yea! Yea! I can do anything better than anyone…..(My version of Jessica’s Daily Affirmation – on Youtube).

  3. Happy, happy belated birthday. You are 7 days older than my husband and 9 months younger than me. Love the Clooney tune. I didn’t realize she did that song. Boyfriend? Good for you. Best, best, best to you. 😀

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