The Beauty of a True Friend

To my friends.

 The ladies I have known for many years and some for just a few.  I don’t know how people go through life without that special group that supports you no matter what happens in your life. 

If I’m crying and need to talk, they are there.  They don’t judge me or make me feel silly.  They listen.  And listen.  And help me through the pain.  And I am well again inside. 

When I am happy and need to celebrate they are there.  They laugh with me and dance  with me and we smile and clap our hands like children let loose at the playground. 

How lucky to have such love and caring in my life.  I love you all so much.  I know I tell you all the time.  But today, I say it again.  I love you.  I thank you for being in my life.  And for allowing me to share everything with you. Thank you.

I love you!






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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of a True Friend

  1. There is nothing like friends, to warm hearts, and please souls. Wonderful tribute! You are loved! 😀

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