Posh Pooch Festival 2013

Dogs!  Dogs!  Dogs!  And more doggies!!!!  

Saturday February 17, 2013 was a day for all  those who love dogs and the world we share with them.  Celebration, Florida hosted the annual Posh Pooch Festival where my sister in spirit, Rev. Susan Bubbers, had her very own pet prayers booth.  We have known each other for over twenty five years and in that time Susan went from being a computer programmer to becoming an Anglican Priest.  How freaking cool is that?


 Susan chatting with ladies at her booth.

 Over the years I have watched her lead University of Central Florida students in their spiritual growth, lead her very own church, Saint Elizabeth in Sebastian, Florida, and now she has earned her doctorate and is headed to new and exciting places.  Max and I had so much fun walking around the festival.  I met more fellow dachshund owners and he sniffy-sniffed more dogs than we ever thought possible in one afternoon.

 Max at Posh Pooch 2013IMG_20130216_111850

Max  meeting new friends. 

It was so much fun to see my friend in action, talking with pet owners and blessing their dogs.    

Can you imagine a world without dogs?   Seriously, I can’t.  🙂


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3 thoughts on “Posh Pooch Festival 2013

  1. I apologize for not saying “Hi” on my first visit. It wasn’t until I saw your follow that I realized who I’d visited without realizing it (look of the site has changed too). Happy, happy, happy to see a you. Many changes in my life. Hope yours has been filled with good ones. I look forward to our visits.

    • Hello and a belated Happy New Year to you!!!! I stayed away for awhile until I could make sure my writing held up under copyright laws. So, now that the particulars are taken care of I can feel comfortable posting again. I visited your site the other day and I love the background. It’s really pretty! Also, I was so sad to see Bliss Bait is gone. When did that happen? I loved visiting her blog.

  2. I can’t remember exactly when she faded away. She started up a site for her art, a professional site, which I was very happy to see happen. Looks like it’s still active: http://www.blissbait.com/Bliss_Bait_Art/katy-boyer-blissful-unique-acrylic-paintings-on-reclaimed-wood-whimsical-original-gifts-made-from-reclaimed-recycled-materials-know-zac.html I’m glad you got your copyright issues worked out. That stuff makes my head spin. Let me know if you get ahold of Blissy, and tell her hi for me.

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