Beauregard Had a Birthday!

This was Beau Beau’s 14th birthday party in May. Max, Art, and I celebrated with filet mignon, scallops, a salad, and cake. Yummy!

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!!

There was much singing and general merriment.



 Art did the cooking.

I’m the best steak chef in the land!

Max did the eating.

Max just LOVES to parteeeee!!!!

Max just LOVES to parteeeee!!!!

I love to cuddle cuddle with my brother Beau.

We love each other very much!

We love each other very much!

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Posh Pooch Festival 2013

Dogs!  Dogs!  Dogs!  And more doggies!!!!  

Saturday February 17, 2013 was a day for all  those who love dogs and the world we share with them.  Celebration, Florida hosted the annual Posh Pooch Festival where my sister in spirit, Rev. Susan Bubbers, had her very own pet prayers booth.  We have known each other for over twenty five years and in that time Susan went from being a computer programmer to becoming an Anglican Priest.  How freaking cool is that?


 Susan chatting with ladies at her booth.

 Over the years I have watched her lead University of Central Florida students in their spiritual growth, lead her very own church, Saint Elizabeth in Sebastian, Florida, and now she has earned her doctorate and is headed to new and exciting places.  Max and I had so much fun walking around the festival.  I met more fellow dachshund owners and he sniffy-sniffed more dogs than we ever thought possible in one afternoon.

 Max at Posh Pooch 2013IMG_20130216_111850

Max  meeting new friends. 

It was so much fun to see my friend in action, talking with pet owners and blessing their dogs.    

Can you imagine a world without dogs?   Seriously, I can’t.  🙂


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I Write but…Dealing With Writer’s Block

Hola mis amigos,

Please, please, oh please never think for un momento that I have forgotten all of you who read my stories.  I am STILL in the middle of working on three stories:

1.  The Outrageous Adventures of a Big Little Girl

2. The Bracelet

3.  Beauregard Wants to Be a Boy

You know, I never understood what writer’s block was until I walked  (BLAM! OW!….my nose is bleeding….ah cahnt tak so gud nah…) into the wall.   I think I have the idea sorted out in my head, I write it, it’s ca-ca.  I try again.  Not bad.  Now this has to be changed.  Who knew? 


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I Want a Love Like Danny and Annie


Hola amigos,

Have you ever heard of StoryCorps?  It’s amazing!  About a year ago I heard the interview on NPR between Danny and Annie. It was so funny, heartwarming, and beautiful.  This is the kind of love story everyone dreams about…. two people who love each other unconditionally.  I found it today on Youtube and have it here to share with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Hey Miss Landers-What’s My Name?

So….I teach Spanish in Middle School, as I’ve mentioned before.  And part of helping the students move seamlessly in the language is to have them pick a name in Spanish.  I have a deck of cards with names for the boys and a separate deck for the girls.  I have to do this because after twenty-one years of teaching I grew tired of students wanting to be: Jesús, Margarita, or Nacho Libre.  Heavy sigh.  Giggle.  Rolling the eyes.  Imagine the reactions to me having to say, “Jesus, you didn’t do your homework again?!” I taught in a Catholic school so you get the idea.   🙂

Anyhoo….I was in the midst of explaining the importance of picking a proper name to my group of seventh graders when suddenly one boy looks at me with a serious look and says, “You mean it’s like having a DOUBLE life!” 

Ha! Ha! Ha!   Uh…Yes…well….something like that. 

 I’ve said it before.  I’ll say it again. I love what I do for a living.  I can’t believe I get paid to have so many giggles in a day.


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