Why am I doing this?


That IS the question, now isn’t it? 

1.  Because I can’t help but make up stories in my head.  My whole life I’ve done this.  I never knew what to do with my ideas until now.  You may love them or hate them – I’m ok with that.

2.  Because I love a challenge.  This blogging makes me really learn about how to use this laptop that I was given. 

3.  Because it is really turning out to be a lot of fun.  

4.  Because blogging is also a really cool way to meet other people, share thoughts, laugh, cry, support each other, recognize each other’s gifts.  Amazing stuff.



 Because you never know where the road of life will take you. 



 Grand Teton National Park – Summer 2012


11 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. So true, blogging is very therapeutic, especially after divorce. Your stories are very inventive and fun! I’m sure I will enjoy every one. Happy Blogging! I am big fan of you chica!

    • Aw shucks I’m blusing. 🙂

      And I love to read your thoughts too! And actually through YOU I discovered Blissbait. How wonderful is her “cyberhome?”

  2. I love the internet. As a deeply frustrated writer since the year Blob, it’s a great outlet for me to share my silliness and (hopefully) entertain. Okay – I like to show off.

  3. I also asked myself the same question about blogging. And you know what, since then I felt more connected to the world. I also realized that these thoughts are not meant to be kept within yourself. Share it and see what people think about it. It never felt good to know that some people actually have the same feeling as mine, or the same thoughts and reactions.

    Oh, I just love to blog and as I can see, you love it too!

  4. Hey Miss Lady… Thanks for the kind words and adding me to your blogroll… And I’m with you – blogging is fun and has given me some good discipline (I try to post at least once a day, M-F… even if it’s just something funny I found on somebody else’s blog…)

    • P.S. I hadn’t updated my profile, so my last comment still links to my old pre-divorce blog… Feel free to read it, but all the new stuff is at the URL linked to this comment…

      • Crap! I read and then…I posted a reply to the first comment you sent. Dingy! OK…here it is again. 🙂

        You know it Eric! Glad to have you as part of my blog family.

        And hey! I see from your “sort a picture” that you’re a cyclist? Yea! Moi aussi. Although, I haven’t ridden like I used to since the summer. It’s been too freaking cold!

  5. Orsaminor

    usually I don’t like blogs. cause usually they are just the apology of egocentrism. Your’s is NOT. it creative and beautiful. A breeze of fresh air.

    • Hola Orsaminor. As I am in Florida a breeze of fresh air would be very nice right now. It’s hot, hot, hot! Thank you for your kind words.

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